Coyote Sightings May Be More Common In Winter: Preserve

WILL COUNTY, Illinois — As the weather turns colder and leaves are falling from trees, coyotes may be more visible in late fall as males search for new grass and food availability decreases, the Will County Forest Service said in a statement.

The forest reserve said that in most cases, coyotes want to avoid human interaction. However, there are some things you can do to stave off any problems with these wild animals.

According to the Urban Coyote Research Project, you should never intentionally or unintentionally feed a wolf.

According to the group, “the number one most effective way to prevent wolf attacks in your area is to eliminate feeding wild animals.” “Wolves that feed in residential neighborhoods can lose their fear of people and may eventually test humans (and pets) as potential prey.”

Some people may inadvertently feed coyotes by leaving pet food or litter out at night, or eating large bird feeders. While coyotes don’t usually care about bird food, bird feeders attract rodents, which then attract coyotes, according to the group.

On its Living with Wildlife website, the University of Illinois Extension explains why leaving food to wolves might be harmful to animals.

“Research has shown that urban coyotes that eat a diet rich in carbohydrate-rich foods that people inadvertently introduce (manure, food waste, etc.)

The counseling service also contains tips for avoiding conflicts:

  • Don’t run if a wolf approaches you. Safety procedures for handling a coyote differ from those for handling an unidentified dog, according to the statement. Scream, stand up straight, wave your arms, or throw something at the wolf (not directly at the wolf) to make it move away (the goal is to scare it away, not injure it).
  • Teach your children what to do if they see a wolf. Have them throw their arms in the air and scream to scare the wolf away.
  • Never leave small pets unattended when outside, especially at night. Consider using a fence or kennel to protect small pets.

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