COVID-19 outbreak temporarily closes Cumberland County animal shelter

Cumberland County Animal Services has closed its shelter and has stopped adopting pets until further notice due to staffing shortages caused by COVID-19.

Pet owners can make appointments to pick up their pets if they are taken to the shelter, and Animal Services will still respond to animal-related emergencies.

Elaine Smith, director of animal services, said Wednesday that she hopes services will be back to normal by the beginning of next week, but she cannot offer any guarantees. She said the staff running the shelter have been hardest hit by the outbreak and related quarantines.

“Honestly, it’s something that happens day in and day out because this is a case of COVID,” she said. “So we have employees waiting for test results, so if they get a test result and it’s negative, they’ll go back to work right away. If it’s positive, well, they won’t. We just don’t know.”

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