Community Comes Together To Save Missing Cat Found Stuck In Tree

NORTH FORK, NY – A missing cat that found itself stuck in a tree was rescued this week when the caring community of the North Fork came together to help.

Matetok’s Laura Boone said her cat Max didn’t come home last Sunday night, and by Monday morning, she knew there was a problem when she couldn’t find him.

“I left work early Monday night and walked around shaking a bag of food,” she said.

Eventually, she finds Max on her neighbor’s property stuck in a tree.

“We have tried everything but to no avail,” she said. Boone stayed home, made numerous calls, and ran back and forth to check on him.

“He kept moaning. I could hear him, but I couldn’t help him,” she said.

Gabrielle Straub, the association’s director of operations, suggested contacting Hugo Palencia of Valencia for landscaping and tree service, she said.

“I was on the verge of hysteria,” Boone said. “The guy showed up with an hour of daylight remaining. In the five minutes I left to get a warmer jacket, I put him down. The cat ran in front of me, while I ran down the driveway. Put him in the house,” she said.

Boone sent sincere thanks to Palencia, his helper, to all who came for support, and “to all who prayed so hard, because I asked them to,” she said. “Max ate a huge dinner, and he’s busting a storm. Max will never get out unless he’s tied up again. Sometimes you get a win.”

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