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Food Lion has new deals starting December 29th including collard greens, chicken breast, pork, turkey sausage, frozen vegetables, corn muffin mixes, 3-Day Sale, and more!

*The following sales are from the Raleigh NC Food Lion ad online and are valid at many Food Lion stores in the Triangle area. Check the advertisement on for your local store to check prices because they are not the same in every city. This listing is not a guarantee of price.

3 days discounts

These deals are valid from Friday 31 December to Sunday 2 January.

Malt O Meal Cereal, 22-30 oz, $1.99

Kellogg’s Town House Crackers or Potato Chips Crackers, 9.2-13.8 oz, Select 2 for $4 – .25 Ibotta cashback offer on select items and sizes

Kraft Cheese Shredded or Shredded, 8 oz, 2 for $4

Baby Pork Ribs, $2.49/lb, Limit 2

Tide Liquid Detergent Powder 69-75 oz or 23-31 tablets

Sale: $6.99

Coupons: $2 coupons from FL Digital Coupons, 12/26 PG or

Offers are valid all week

These deals are valid from December 29, 2021 – January 4, 2022.


Lims, 3 for $0.99

Green Cabbage, $0.49/lb

Option $0.59 each

Hass Avocado, $0.89

Collard Greens, Bunch, $0.99

Nature’s Promise Organic Mini Peeled Carrots, 1 lb bag, $1.29

Broccoli Crowns, $1.69/lb

Blueberries, pint, $2.50

Shredded Salad Buns, 10.3-13 oz, $2.50

Organic Blueberry, 6 oz, $2.79

Food Lion Red potatoes, 5 lb bag, $2.99

Strawberry, 1 pound, $2.99

Cosmic Crisp Apples, 2-pound bag, $3.49

Nutritional Brussels Sprouts, 16 oz, $3.49

Meat and seafood

Chicken Breast, Boneless, Family Pack, $1.79/lb

Pork loin, boneless, $1.79/lb

Pork chops, center cut, boneless, $2.49/lb

Pork Tenderloin, Whole, Fresh, $2.99/lb

80% Fresh LB Low Fat, $4.39/lb

Roast Beef Shoulder, $5.49/lb

Boneless Beef Stew, $5.99/lb

Cold Water Lobster Tail, 3 oz, $6.99

Ground Turkey Food, 3 lbs., Fresh, $6.99

New York steak, boneless, $6.99/lb

Salmon fillets, 10 oz, $6.99

TGI Fridays Baby Barbecue Back Ribs, 24 oz, cooked and fried, $9.99

Adaptable Boneless Pork Fillet, 20 oz, BOGO

Lion’s Food Shrimp Raw or Cooked Shrimp, Picked, Frozen, 16 oz, Pogo, Limit of 2 Free


Jennie-O Seasoned Turkey Sausage, 16 oz, $2.99

Smoky Cocktail, 12-14 oz, $3.50

Smithfield Sausage Roll, 16 oz, $3.79

Gwaltney Bacon, 12 oz, $4.29

Johnsonville Fresh Dinner Sausage, 19 oz, $4.99

John Soules Chicken Tenders, 24 oz, Frozen, $5.99

Daily & Bakery

Taste of Inspirations Salsa, 16 oz, $2.99

Whole Guacamole, 7.5 oz, $3

Food Lion Deli Style Thin Crust Pizza, 16-inch, $4.99

Nutrition Lion Meatballs, 28-ounce bag, frozen, $5.69

Old Cheese Spread, 14 oz, Pogo

Mini beagle, 10 count, pogo

Mini Croissant, 8 Pieces, Pogo

Chilled and dairy products

Dannon Greek or Oikos Yogurt Mugs, 5.3 oz, 5 for $5 – 1/5 FL = 5 digital coupon for $4

Heluva Good or Dean’s Dip, 12 oz, $1.69

Golden Peak Tea, 59 oz, $2

Tropicana Premium Ades or Punches, 52 oz, $2

Lion’s Tea Food, 128 oz, $2.50

Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese, 24 oz, $2.99

Nestle Coffee Mate Creamer, 32 oz, $3

Taste of Inspirations Hummus, 10 oz, $3


Food Lion Crispy Thin Crust Pizza, 5.2 oz, $0.79

Lion’s Food Frozen Vegetables, 16 oz, $0.99

Lion’s Food Cheese or Garlic Bread Toast, 10.5-16 oz, $1.50

Pictsweet Frozen Vegetables, 22-24 oz, $2

Mrs. Paul’s Frozen Seafood, 18-24.6 oz, $3.99

Wild Mike’s Ultimate Pizza or Stuffed Cheezy Bites, 18-38.8 oz, $3.99

Digierno Pizza, 12-inch, choose $5

Stouffer Party Size Garnish, 57-96 oz, $10.99

shelf stable

Lion Greens Food, 14-ounce can, $0.79

Nutritional Lion’s Corn Muffin Mix, 8.5 oz, 3 for $1

Chef Boyardee Canned Noodles, 14.5-15 ounce package, $1

Hanover Beans, Select, 15.5 oz, $1

Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix, 6 Pieces, $1

7Up Products or Canada Dry, 2-liter, $1.25

MTN Duo 2 Liter, $1.25

Betty Crocker Frosting, 12-16 oz, $1.50

Food Lion Vanilla Wafers, 11 oz, $1.50

Saverne Kraut, 16 oz, $1.79

Lion’s Instant Food Grits, 12 oz, $1.99

Food Lion Original Golden Crackers, 12.5-13.7 oz, $1.99

Kellogg’s Frozen Cereal Chips, Choose 10.2-13.7 oz

Sale: $1.99

Coupons: $1/1 Kelloggs coupons from when you redeem 850 points (through 12/31/21), $1/2 coupon from in coupons tab, $1/3 coupon from 12/5 save

Nature’s Promise Organic Microwave Popcorn, 9-10.5 oz, $1.99

Kraft Barbecue Sauce, 28 oz, $2

Ritz Toasted Chips or Crisps & Thins, select, 2 for $5 – $1/2 FL = 2 digital coupon for $4

Herdez salsa or guacamole salsa, 15-16 oz, choose, $2.50

Nature’s Promise Spring Water, 24-pack, $2.50

Sensitive Vegan Snacks, 3.75-7 oz, $2.50

Pepsi Products, 6 Pack, 4 for $11

Pepsi Products, 12 Pack Cans, 3 for $11, Limit 9

AHA Sparkling Water, 8-pack, $2.99

Stacy’s Bagel Chips, 7 oz, $2.99

Tortilla Chips Tostitos, 10-13 oz, $3

Food Lion Coffee, 12 single serve cups, $3.79

Betty Crocker Baking Kits, Oat-Tastic Brownie or Muffin Mix Select $3.99

Ferrero Rocher 12 Pieces, select $3.99

Quaker Instant Oatmeal, 27.3 oz, $3.99

Eight O Clock Coffee, 32 K Cups, 13.99

Blue Diamond Almonds, 6-ounce can, BOGO – Coupon 1/2 dollar from 11/14 SS

General Mills Cereals, Choose Lucky Charms or Reese’s Puffs, BOGO – $1/2 coupons from 11/21 SS

Lay’s Potato Chips, 5-8 oz, BOGO, 2 FREE

Tastykake Snack Cakes or Donuts, 8-20 oz, BOGO

Wise Cheez Doodles or Popcorn, Select, BOGO, Limit 2 Free


Lion Premium Crystal Dinnerware Set, 24 Count, BOGO Up to $1 Each

Luden Cough Drops, 25-36 Count, $1.50

Food Lion aluminum foil, 75 square feet, $2.59

Concentrated Lion Food Whitener, 81 oz, $3.38

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, 75-80 Count, Coupon 4.49 – $0.50 from FL Digital Coupons, or 1/2 SS insert

Friskies Cat Food, 16-17.6 ounces, choose, $12.29


*Sales in this listing are from an online Raleigh, NC ad and are valid at many Food Lion stores in the Triangle area. Check the advertisement on for your local store to check prices because they are not the same in every city. This listing is not a guarantee of price.

Shop and earn rewards

Load monthly rewards to your MVP Card and it will be automatically redeemed on the next shopping trip when your MVP Card is cleared.

According to their website: “Reward offers must be earned in the same calendar month and expire at the end of the following month. Rewards can only be used at Food Lion, have no cash value and are non-transferable. Rewards cannot be used to purchase tobacco, alcohol, prescriptions or cards. Gifts, stamps, or services, including money orders or lottery tickets, are not valid for purchase of dairy products in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, or Virginia.

Rewards are automatically redeemed on a shopping visit after earned with your MVP Card. See the Rewards Balance in the MVP Wallet to see what is available for redemption.

Shopping rewards can be earned, earned and redeemed with Food Lion To Go orders starting June 2020.

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Lion’s Food Coupon Basics

Food Lion coupons are not doubled.

They have no limits on the total number of vouchers they will take, unless specified in the ad. You may only use a maximum of 10 (ten) Coupons for the same item per customer. This includes coupons that are downloaded to your personal MVP card.

BOGO items ring at half price, so if you only buy one, they ring at half price. You can use a coupon on every BOGO sale item.

You cannot use Food Lion store coupons and manufacturer coupons on the same product. Coupons like this are not allowed to be “stacked” as per the Food Lion Coupon Policy.

You can see their entire coupon policy on their website here.

Electronic Coupons: You can now load Manufacturer Coupons onto your Food Lion MVP Card and when they scan your card at the register and purchase eligible items, the discount will automatically come in. I have spoken with the companies and they confirmed that these are manufacturer coupons and will not be combined with manufacturer paper from the newspaper and other sources. She said their policy is only one voucher per product. E-vouchers will not be multiplied. See more information and available digital coupons on their website here.

QUALITY GUARANTEE: Food Lion offers a double cash back quality guarantee on all Food Lion store brands.



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