Cheers! Alcohol To-Go Returns in New York and May Stay For Good

Heavy drinking is back to help New York’s small businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic and it may be here to stay.

The executive order, issued by former Governor Andrew Cuomo, went into effect in March 2020. It allowed bars, pubs, clubs and any other alcoholic beverage company to sell ready-to-eat drinks with takeaway food deliveries to make up for lost income during the coronavirus pandemic. This expired in June 2021.

Governor Cathy Hochhol has announced that pre-mixed wine or cocktails can be taken back home. “We will once again allow the sale of ready-made beverages – an important source of income during last year’s lean times.”

Hochul also plans to propose a law this year that would permanently legalize the sale of ready-to-eat alcoholic beverages from bars and restaurants in New York State.

“The return of New York depends on the recovery and success of our small business,” Governor Hochhol said. “Since the outbreak of the pandemic, small business owners have been struggling with unprecedented challenges. New York is here with a simple message: Help is on the way.”

Helping companies struggling to survive the pandemic, which seems to never end, will come in a $100 million tax credit. Eligibility requirements will also be expanded to include 195,000 small businesses.

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