Chartwells at APSU hosts Friendsgiving meal, fights food insecurity as part of ‘Thank-Ful’ event

by November 23, 2021 4:10 pm

Clarksville, Tennessee – The Chartwells Higher Education Corporation, a leader in contract food service management, has hosted “Thank-Ful” – a nationwide Thanksgiving event held at more than 300 US colleges and universities. On November 18, APSU students joined millions of others nationwide to simultaneously participate in Thank-Ful and to celebrate teamwork, give thanks and fight food insecurity.

The Thank-Ful Program was held at the University of Morgan Center and featured a Friendsgiving-style meal with Thanksgiving staples like turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole and homemade pancakes. The event also provided the students with an opportunity to show their gratitude to someone or something they valued with a grateful wall covered with notes and letters of thanks.

“The Thank-Ful event was a great opportunity for our students to come together for a schoolwide ‘Friendgiving’ celebration and be together as a campus,” said Corey Chuat, Senior Director of Dining Services at APSU. “We also love that the event provided a unique opportunity for so many to give back to our community and help combat food insecurity that our students and community may face.”

As part of the Thank-Ful Program, APSU and Chartwells students participated in giving back activities to help fight food insecurity on campus and in the local community. Chartwells has donated 100 student meal vouchers and 425 pounds of canned food to APSU’s student pantry to help combat food insecurity on campus.

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