CES 2022: New tech products for parents

There is no doubt that baby and parenting products have come Long Since I had my first child nine years ago. At the time, it was practically revolutionary to have an app to track your pregnancy! That’s why I love seeing great new innovations introduced at CES every year – yes, even when I can only attend virtually.

While 2022 may be a strange hybrid year for CES, there were plenty of high-end products on display for parents and kids alike. From an outdoor gaming system to an amazing new way to keep track of how much milk your baby is drinking, there’s plenty for families to look forward to this year.

Here are the seven coolest new parenting and baby tech products coming in 2022:

1. Cobal

Three Cubtale Baby Care Buttons on a blue background.

Credit: Cubtale

Track all your child’s activities without having to carry your smartphone everywhere.

It’s important to keep track of a baby’s feeding, sleeping, and diapering time, but for many new parents, knowing how to do it while, you know, baby care can be stressful. Enter Cubtale, the innovative new way for parents to track a child’s daily activities without having to manually enter them into their smartphone.

Cubtale’s Care Tracking Buttons – or “cubs” – enable parents and caregivers to simply press a button on the cub when it is changing, feeding or putting on a baby, and the information is sent over Wi-Fi to the free companion app. The cute little cubs can stick to the fridge, changing table or next to the crib thanks to the included set of Velcro stickers. There’s even a wearable cub designed just for breastfeeding parents that lets them record which side baby feeds on, and for how long.

Cubtale is currently available for pre-order. A box of three cubs is $139, a box of five cubs is $269, and a breastfeeding cub is $79.

2. Pozzz

Pozzz bag and smartphone displaying the app

credit: Pozzz

Pozzz provides a way to keep kids off their devices.

If you’ve tried any of the various parental control devices and apps available, you’ve likely discovered that kids are really adept at getting past them. That’s exactly what led to the invention of Pozzzz, a deceptively simple duffel bag that, essentially, holds your child’s phone hostage for a predetermined amount of time (from 15 minutes to all night).

When a child places their phone in the holster and closes the smart zipper, the Bluetooth-connected cloth bag detects the presence of the locked phone and notifies the parent (via the app) that their child has disconnected their phone. Pozz’s app calculates and rewards each downtime so that kids are motivated to work towards a prize. If a child removes their smartphone before the allotted time is up – during bedtime hours, for example – the parents are notified and a warning is issued to those who are not doing well.

Pozzz is currently available to buy online for €59, roughly $67, and there are plans to offer a larger tablet-sized version later in 2022.

3. The ultimate squishy human body

Right: A toy for the human body with many organs.  Left: Brain of a game on SmartScanner.

Credit: SmartLab Games

Learn about the human body while having fun too.

We are huge fans of the original Squishy Human Body set from SmartLab Toys, which is why we were so excited to see the latest release of the amazing learning toy, Ultimate Squishy Human Body. The Ultimate Squishy Human Body consists of 10 removable organs and 15 removable bones, muscles and body parts, and it is also an educational toy a lot of fun.

This version includes a “SmartScanner” where kids can place any of the realistic-looking removable organs to learn fun facts, hear the sounds body parts make, or test their knowledge in QuizMode. With 70 test questions, kids will have a blast trying to place the correct body part on the scanner to see if they got the right answer.

The Ultimate Squishy Human Body also comes with an “Organ-izer” chart, a compilation sheet, and an illustrated book with more information about the human body. The Ultimate Squishy Human Body will be available in February 2022, and retails for $99.99.

4. LoCoMoGo

Child playing with a toy train.

Credit: LoCoMoGo

LoCoMoGo teaches coding concepts through play.

The biggest problem I have with most programming games is that they are too complicated for normal kids who simply want to have fun. The thing that distinguishes LoCoMoGo from other coding games is that it teaches young children all basic coding concepts through hands-on play. LoCoMoGo has taken the traditional train set and turned it into a coding game that grows with your child.

There are no plastic tracks here; Instead, children use electrical tape to design their own path, which LoCoMo-tive will automatically follow. Once kids are a little older, they can add a second train car – the color car – which responds to any colors added to the strip track. Each additional train car adds new functionality, giving kids even more play, play and coding. More advanced programmers are finally working on more complex coding through the LoCoMoGo app.

LoCoMoGo is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2022, and will be available retail for around $300.

5. Nfant Thrive feeding system

Bottle sitting on a table next to a stuffed animal.

credit: nfant

A smart bottle that provides real-time data on how much a baby is eating.

Knowing how much breast milk or formula a baby drinks while feeding can be stressful for new parents, especially if you’re breastfeeding. The Nfant Thrive feeding system aims to change that with sensor-integrated bottles and breastfeeding pads. There is no need to gain weight or, worse, weigh your baby before and after feeding. Nfant Thrive products connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone app and provide real-time data on how much a child is consuming.

The Thrive Smart Bottle system also includes a selection of flow control nipples which – combined with data from the sensor – can help parents determine the best solution for their bundle of joy. The Thrive Smart Bottle is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2022, while the Thrive breast sensor is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2022. Each will retail for approximately $250 USD.

6. VersaNotes

Three different colored VersaNotes hang on magnetic strip.

Credit: BoogieBoard

A more sustainable way to leave reminder notes.

If you have kids who are old enough to read, I think you leave a lot of sticky notes around the house saying things like, “Don’t forget your tennis racket” or “Check out lost and found for your kind of heavy.” If you’re trying To live a more sustainable lifestyle but still worry about everyone in your family forgetting well, everything, VersaNotes can be the answer.

These stylish reusable tablets are colorful and magnetic and won’t end up in the recycling bin after your kids leave for tennis. Invented by the Boogie Board team, the technology is the same as you can write on it with anything pointed. VersaNotes can only be erased by inserting a VersaPen into the small, round slot, so you won’t have to worry about your spouse accidentally scanning the phrase “buy cat food” while searching for a midnight snack.

VersaNotes is expected to be available in May, and will be sold in packs of three with an attached stylus. The retail cost will be $24.99 – $29.99.

7. Kiddle

A mother pushing a stroller carrying a Keddle milk warmer.

Credit: BisbeeBaby

Warm baby formula quickly and easily on the go with Keddle.

Heating breast milk or formula on the go (or in a hotel room) can be a complete pain in the back end. Sure, you can bring a warm bottle, but it’s often slow to heat up, doesn’t always heat the liquid evenly, and requires that you have a bottle that fits inside. The Keddle, from BisbeeBaby, is the on-the-go milk warmer that warms your baby’s meal in two minutes, no bottle required.

Simply pour the amount of water you need for formula milk – or drop a bag of frozen breast milk into the Keddle – set the desired temperature on the adjustable button, and within two minutes you’ll have a warm meal ready for your hungry little one.

Here’s the best part: The Keddle can reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit, so once your child is done with the bottles, Mom and Dad can use them to make hot tea, cocoa, or even warm milk for their morning coffee.

Keddle will be available to purchase for $125 in the second quarter of 2022.

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