Nutritional conversations, front and center

Dr. Julie Churchill knows that food is intertwined with the way people show care and love for each other and their animals. “Nutrition and nutrition are linked,” said Dr. Churchill, a professor of clinical veterinary nutrition at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and a board-certified nutrition expert. This may be why more … Read more

Improve pet health and metabolism with a functional ingredient

The search for quality nutrition that can help lead to a long, healthy life is a reality for humanity, and therefore for pets. Developing foods that are increasingly specific to the realities and health conditions of dogs and cats is a great ally in the search for their well-being and longevity. Despite being a current … Read more

Pet food sustainability, in and outside the bag

Most pet food companies know that consumers are concerned with sustainability. Not surprisingly, then, many are turning to more environmentally friendly models, and at least some are working to develop more sustainable practices. The Pet Sustainability Alliance, a nonprofit organization that works with companies to employ sustainable practices, reports that an estimated 300 million pounds … Read more

New pet food product launches bounce back, focus on health

I recently wrote about how the pet food market has matured for innovation after COVID-19, in part due to the delay in new product development in 2020 amid all the turmoil caused by the pandemic. The lag appears to be evident in data from Mintel on new pet food product launches, which showed a decline … Read more

Easy nutritional math? It was my understanding that there would be no math

Help conquer your fear of math with these simple yet effective formulas that offer a more personalized approach to a patient’s nutrition plan. Does math scare you? Do you find nutrition discussions difficult? Speaking at Fetch dvm360® Robin Sarr Conference, RVT, VTS (Nutrition), puts these concerns out by breaking the math and offering strategies for … Read more

11 Best Cat Foods 2021

11 Items in this article 6 Items for sale! Photo: Smalls We may be living in a golden age for cat owners looking for fancy litter boxes or designer roosts, but choosing the right food for your cat can be surprisingly difficult; There is a wide range of options available and a sea of ​​marketing … Read more

Which pet food claims and features should brands track?

The phrase “no artificial flavors or colors” has been a popular claim in pet food for more than a decade now, to the point where it is almost accepted that pet foods contain no such ingredients. In fact, this kind of “free of” claim seems to have been overshadowed by others like non-GMO, gluten-free (somewhat … Read more

13 Best Pet Food Delivery Services for Dogs & Cats Online in 2021: Open Farm, The Farmer’s Dog, Cat Person

good, would you: Cats and dogs. Why is it worth it: With a mission to help all pets lead happier, healthier lives, I and Love and You focus on providing nutritious meals for both cats and dogs. With dry food, wet food, raw foods, and meal enhancers (like bone broth broth), even the pickiest of … Read more