We’re patient or we’re not

January 05 2022 What do we eat after the feast? Many of us don’t even know what we’re dying for. Or, at least, some of us know what we’re not hungry for. Every year I find myself in the same predicament with a packed fridge, and yet there is nothing to eat. One idea seems … Read more

Things to Do: Upcoming Food & Drink Events in Houston this January

Mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss these fun and delicious culinary events: Yaga’s Chili Quest & Beer Fest returns to Galveston on January 15th. The event runs from noon to 5 p.m. and takes place in the Galveston Historic Strand at 2302 Strand. Calling will start at 11 am. The festivities will … Read more

Things to Do: The Best Things to eat and Drink in Houston This Weekend

Here’s a look at the best culinary events this weekend: Art market at Finn HallFriday, 6pm to midnight712 main It’s been a week since New Years Eve, so it’s time to get back in the saddle and celebrate our second weekend of 2022 with some hip-hop dancing, art, shopping, eating and drinking. Finn Hall will … Read more

6 Best Restaurants To Try In Lubbock

Located in one of North America’s most gorgeous areas, Lubbock, Texas, it is an oasis of arts, culture, wine production, and fine dining that one might not expect in the far west of Texas. Texas is the fifth largest wine-producing state in the United States, and of all the wine grapes grown in Texas, nearly … Read more

How to stay motivated to exercise in 2022 – tips for staying fit and warm when you run this winter

Emily King, principal of the school at Barrecore, also stresses the importance of warming up completely, because cold weather means you need to “make sure your muscles and joints are ready enough for more intense movements in order to help prevent injury but also to get the most out of your planned workout.” “ If … Read more

Jeff Hiller’s Grub Street Diet

Jeff Heller loves his pizza with mushrooms and his yellow cake to have a pink frosting. Illustration: Margalit Cutler After appearing all over television for the past 20 years (30 rocksAnd Broad CityAnd crazy ex-girlfriend), Comedian and actor Jeff Heller is about to land his biggest role yet, as Joel at HBO’s someone somewhere, one … Read more

‘What naansense is this’: Food channel’s fancy twist to humble roti gets a thumbs down

It’s not unusual for some of the West’s most popular nutrients to be rediscovered with some fancy names. The latest to join the list is our daily staple roti or volka called ‘balloon bread’. A video of a recipe showing the steps to mastering balloon bread has baffled Indians all over the world. According to … Read more

Twin Falls Burger Restaurant Now Serving Delicious Pizza, Yum!

Donato’s Pizza is now part of Red Robin in Twin Falls. The pizzeria has its own franchise and is part of other restaurants across the country. Now you can order takeout, takeout or delivery. Donato Pizza is part of a bigger restaurant Donato’s Pizza originated in Ohio and began expanding into other kitchens across the … Read more

Lunch at Whataburger In Lee’s Summit

My wife Kathy and I found ourselves at the top of me for an appointment this morning. And since we’ve been big fans of Whataburger since our time in Texas, we decided to see if the new store at Lee’s Summit was up and running. We finished arriving at the restaurant, 1460 NE Douglas, next … Read more