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The video shows a cat playing a harp to remind humans of its mealtime.

Remember Pavlov’s dog that was starting to salivate when the bell rang right before eating? Well, the cat in this video is smart and understands conditioning pretty well almost. She turns the tables and instead, before eating, plays herself an instrument.

Sushi, the intelligent cat, is shown playing the ukulele well, at least to a cat, before looking directly into the camera, trying her best to make it clear that she is hungry and needs immediate food and attention. Then she tries to turn away only when the person recording the video, her human, tries so hard to suppress her laughter and fails.

The clever cat already knows that the human is probably doing something more important than wanting to be fed and is back to playing the harp again. Soon her human asks her, “Sushi, are you hungry?” And she came up to the table at once, as if to say – “Of course, that’s what I was trying to tell you!”

Watch the cute cat video here:

What do you think of this smart cat with a penchant for music?

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