Cat Market Opportunities Get Their Close-Up

Rockville, MarylandAnd November 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Historically, the American pet industry has been openly dog-centric, though not without reason. Dogs significantly outnumber cats and tend to be more profitable in terms of products and services. At the same time, cat owners have a justification for grievance, according to David Loomis, an expert in the pet market at Packaged Facts. When asked if they think cats (compared to dogs) are “sometimes treated as second-class” by the pet industry, most cat owners answered fairly in the affirmative.

Cats account for 30% (or 13.1 billion dollars) of pet food segment sales, according to Packaged Facts’ just released Cats: trends and opportunities for the pet market in the United StatesAnd Compared to a 31% share of non-food pet supply sales and 28% of the veterinary segment’s revenue.

In line with dog owners, more than nine out of ten cat owners consider their cats to be part of the family. As with dog owners, the vast majority of cat owners in the United States believe that their feline friends have beneficial effects on their physical and emotional health.

To many in the pet industry, treating cats as an afterthought is beginning to change as retailers, marketers, product developers, and investors are paying more attention to cats.

Opportunities for market growth and development include the pet industry sector. For example, minimally processed frozen and refrigerated products are at the forefront of natural pet food trends today, but marketers in this fast-growing niche are still clearly focused on dogs.

Likewise, although many marketers offer cat treats, the choices have historically been less robust than dogs, and some cat food marketers have avoided cat treats altogether. However, the situation has changed in recent years, along with a steady increase in the use of cat treatments.

On the non-food side of the aisle, comfort and health considerations are the top priority, especially with pet owners sheltering at home side by side with their pets since the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly one in three dog and cat owners (30%-31%) have purchased special products to make their pets more comfortable, and one in five (20%) are more concerned about their pets’ health and wellness due to COVID-19.

Conversely, nutritional supplements have seen a surge in sales linked to the pandemic. On the pet side, the top health concerns include pet anxiety/stress (with 24% of cat owners being “particularly anxious”) and immunity (21% of cat owners).

A significant portion of cat owners (13%) are interested in pets with special needs associated with aging. These large pets generally require more – and more personalized – care than their younger counterparts.

While healthcare costs and management payments are important, they are not high on a cat owner’s priority list for veterinary services. The focus on preventative care claims to take center stage, and is especially important for 49% of cat owners, and second is the availability of veterinarians for pet emergencies.

Moreover, according to the Packaged Facts report, tech devices for cats and dogs will continue to gain momentum, particularly in the areas of behaviour, entertainment and tracking/monitoring. But the most important opportunity to advance the cat market, Loomis asserts, is also the most obvious: an increased focus on cats.

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