Cat Hilariously Spoofs ‘Jurassic Park’ T-Rex in Video Shared Over 800,000 Times

A 4-year-old black cat with the stage name “Owl Kitty” is a natural performer. In a dramatic video that has racked up over 800,000 shares on Instagram alone, the cat – whose real name is “Lizzy” – has taken the role of her life in a hilarious game. Jurassic Park A parody that has taken over the Internet.

The one-minute clip showed the inquisitive cat in oversized form, standing as the terrifying T-rex in an iconic scene from the 1993 Steven Spielberg movie. The caption accompanying the video read, “Life… ah… finds a way.” “.

Kitty owl appeared during the night rain and wrapped her body around the park cars as the passengers watched in fear. The words, “When it’s time to feed the cat,” flash across the screen to set the stage.

Her tail flipped the moment she saw Sam O’Neill’s character Alan Grant. Their eyes met, and Owl Kitty became noticeably interested. “Keep your head straight,” Ian Malcom said to Jeff Goldblum’s character. Owl Kitty moved around the car and caught attention when Tim (played by Joseph Mazzello) closed the door with a loud slamming shut.

A T-Rex threatens to attack in ‘Jurassic Park’. The movie was the inspiration for a shot that parodied this iconic scene in a new viral video.
Murray Close / Getty Images

Then Lex, Ariana Richards’ character, opened a can of cat food—a happy incentive for nearly all cats—and pressed Owl Kitty through the ceiling to try and get the food. She was happy and purring after killing her, rolled onto her side and rocked the car just like the T-rex did in the movie. To finish it all off, Alan grabbed a new can of food from a pile in the back seat and taunted the big cat. When he caught her attention, he threw the can into the woods and distracted it from the children.

“You guys killed it guys! Love it!!!” sophialovestuna commented.

“I think this is the best so far!!!!” josephgattofficial wrote.

“Everyone who makes these, thank you,” added @breeannemarie.

Viral Cat is owned by SCLU film maker and video editor Thibault (Tibo) Charroppin along with Neighbors Realty Marketing Director Olivia Boone. Their 10-year-old kitten, Juliet, adopted Owl Kitty, and works as a “manager and agent” for her, according to the Owl Kitty website.

Portland Oregon cats got their name thanks to their large owl-like eyes, and their humans have created dozens of sarcasm including the deskAnd Romeo and JulietAnd Indiana JonesAnd Pulp FictionAnd Too bad, and more. Charroppin also posts behind-the-scenes videos that show how he gets Owl Kitty to collaborate.

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