Carr Hardware Raises $5200 For The Berkshire Humane Society

Carr Hardware is proud to announce the success of the weekend at Carr-nnniversary which, with the help of its clients, led to a donation of $5,272.12 to the Berkshire Humane Society on Monday.

Carr Hardware kicked off the anniversary celebration by donating sales of more than 300 buckets to the Humane Society as well as offering its customers the option to round their purchases to the nearest dollar in the first two weeks of November. Funds were raised from both bulldozer sales and Round Up and went directly to the Berkshire Humane Society on Monday afternoon.

Bart Raser, President of Carr Hardware, said: “The people at Berkshire Humane Society are so important to our community and our clients have made it easy to raise money during these challenging times. We thank our customers! We are a community company that believes in giving back, it has been part of our culture. essential for the past 93 years and always will be.”

Carr Hardware has a long history of working with the Berkshire Humane Society.

Berkshire Humane Society CEO John Perreault commented: “Carr Hardware is a fantastic community partner for the Berkshire Humane Society, and for many years now, Carr has been a supportive of many of our fundraisers. Over the past few years of holding the Tour and being the beneficiary of Bulldozer sales have really helped provide the support we need to be able to provide so many animals that love new homes.We can’t thank Carr Hardware enough for all they give to everyone in this community…especially our homeless animal friends!

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