Canned pet food shortage causing woes among pet owners

Hamburg, NY (WKBW) – Some major retailers are finding ways to avoid supply chain issues.

Stores like WalMart, Target, and Macy’s reroute ships to uncrowded ports.

Warehouses also employ more workers and unload merchandise during working hours.

In some cases, stores choose air freight rather than container ships.
The Biden administration recently announced that the Port of Los Angeles will operate 24 hours a day, but that has not yet happened.

While toilet paper and baby food are in short supply, canned cat and dog food is on the list as well. The shortage of canned pet food is causing an increase in prices, too.

“The simple fact is that most of the cans just don’t ship. Some manufacturers are almost 100% shut down. This is mainly due to ingredient issues from the end of manufacturing. Also, they have issues with the cans and some of the ingredients that go into the Clyde Feed & Animal Center owner, said the owner of Clyde Feed & Animal Center, Jim Millsboe, the cans have been banned from manufacturing.

Part of the shortage is also due to the lack of aluminum cans.

A shortage of canned foods for cats and dogs is causing stores across western New York, and even the nation, to change their brand, flavors, and textures.

Clyde’s Feed and Animal Center, owner Jim Millspaugh, said the reason was to prevent the manufacture of certain ingredients that go into packaged pet food.

“There are currently no American manufacturers of lysine. It’s over. Lysine isn’t here anymore. Lysine is an amino acid that you need to make foods. They can’t even get it. A complete source of lysine. Because the whole world is completely shut down. Anyone who buys it will be good for the 12 months.” coming, but anyone who doesn’t have it is out of work,” Millsbough said.

The L-lysine shortage is expected to last for at least a few months in the first quarter of 2022, according to National Hog Farmer.

While that’s just one ingredient, Millsbaugh said it’s really important right now.

“Not only in dog and cat foods but in foods of larger animals like horses and cows. If you don’t have lysine, you can’t make your own food,” he said.

In the meantime, he said he will divert his new clients to other options.

“I think we can get past this if people are flexible about the formula they choose to feed them. Most customers aren’t customers who usually shop here, and they’ve come by our doors. They just say they can’t find Friskies and Fiesta at the grocery store,” he said. “In some cases, you have local businesses like this that make frozen dog food, so that would be a great alternative to buying canned food.”

The facilitators of Chance’s Cupboard Pet Food Pantry on Kenmore Street in Buffalo told Pheben Kassahun that they plan to keep their food pantry open for those who can’t provide it for their fur babies, amid soaring prices due to shortages. The pantry is only open for catering on the third Sunday of every month.

They’ll be there on Sunday, November 21 from 3pm-4pm


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