Canidae Arena Alliance Partnership: Official Pet Food of NHL Team Dogs

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Canidae, a leading pet food company, recently announced its partnership with Oak View Group’s Arena Alliance, an invite-only group of venues to maximize grooming opportunities, and will serve as their official pet nutrition partner. By joining the alliance, Canidae will be able to advance its mission to provide a sustainable world of good for pets, people and the planet.

The brand will be the official pet food for the team dogs of Tampa Bay Lightning (Bolt), Amalie Arena; Nashville Predators (Smash), Bridgestone Arena; Minnesota Wild (Selly), Xcel Energy Center; and OVG that operates New York Islanders (Monte), UBS Arena, whose brand will serve as presenting sponsor for Monte, the official pup with a purpose team, as well as an exciting partnership with Seattle Kraken, Climate Pledge Arena to be announced at a later date . Dogs will be featured by signage in the yards, giveaway nights, snowboard events, community events, and appearances with team dogs. Canidae will also be partnering with each team during the NHL’s “Go Green” month, a month-long initiative that builds awareness and supports education on environmental issues.

Anders Lee NY_ISLANDERS_Team Dog caninesThis new partnership is a natural extension of the Canine Benevolence cycle, which goes beyond producing sustainable, nutritionally-intensive food for dogs and cats to promote the good for pets, people and the planet. Building on the current partnership with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, Official Team Dogs from The Predators and Wild will train to become fully certified therapy dogs. Monty, a New York Islander puppy with a purpose, is already undergoing training to become a professional service dog and will one day work with a blind or visually impaired individual. And Bolt, the ambassador for the Tampa Bay Lightning team, is a good citizen of dogs and can often be seen during hospital visits, educational visits, or attending public events.

This partnership also advances the joint missions of the Canidae and NHL teams to create a more sustainable future for their industries. Canidae partners with renewable farmers to support local producers, reduce energy use and emissions, and recently launched a range of completely sustainable pet foods that feature responsibly sourced protein and eco-friendly packaging.

“When you think of hockey, you think of passion and commitment, which are the same traits we bring to everything we do here at Canidae,” said Brett Furiou, CEO of Canidae. “Like OVG, NHL hockey fans, and pet parents everywhere, Canidae is dedicated to the people, pets, and planet we love, so this has been a partnership we’ve always dreamed of, and are thrilled to achieve.”

“We are thrilled to welcome an innovative company like Canidae into our alliance on the scene and believe this strategic partnership will not only bring both Canidae and fans who own pets long-term value but also create a true differentiation point for the Canidae brand,” added Daniel Griffis, Head of Global Partnerships for the Oak View Group. Group. “We love that Canidae is synonymous with Goodness, and we are confident this partnership will inspire sports fans to strive for the good in their lives.”

The Pet Goodness Course focuses on three main principles: Good for Pets, Good for People, and Good for Our Planet. This partnership is just one of many steps Canidae is taking to do good for all and will highlight the amazing work our furry friends can do as trained therapy dogs.

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