Bye Bye Friend is a funeral service for pets that seeks to give them a dignified farewell – invested $ 110,000 in a specialized crematorium furnace

Lot, a nine-year-old American spaniel, was a healthy little dog. But suddenly his heart failed and he died after a heart attack. Insan left early and when he returned in the evening his family was afraid to tell him the news. By the time he got home, many had already been buried near the garden; He could not say goodbye to his partner and friend. Many pets end their days without a funeral service.

Now, the Bye Bye Friend wants pets a gracious goodbye after the years they’ve given company to their humans. In fact, many people consider their pets to be part of the family.

In Mexico, pet ownership is increasing, and an increase in the adoption of companion animals – such as cats and dogs – has been seen in the middle of the pandemic. According to data from the National Council of Manufacturers of Balanced Foods and Animal Nutrition (CONAFAB), pet food production grew 7.2% in the past year. For Gennaro Bernal, General Manager of Conafab, this is explained by responsible ownership of dogs and cats.

Just as pet owners strive to give them specialized food, they also want to give them a proper goodbye when that sad moment arrives. “With more than 40 years of paying tribute to the lives of Mexican families, we have come to realize that when pets die they leave as a family. His role is more important every day,” said Manuel Ramirez, CEO of J. García López and Bye Bye Friend.

The director said in an interview with Business Insider Mexico that they have benefited from the market niche that has been delegated to veterinarians; Although this medical sector does not specialize in cremations or funerals.

In an interview with Business Insider Mexico, Ramirez said that families’ pain when losing a pet can sometimes be compared to the death of a person. “There was no place in Mexico that would honor these pets and say a special goodbye,” he said.

Although the funeral and cremation service for pets began in 2020, they already have more than 7,000 funeral plans for pets. In November alone, Bye Bye Friend—with southern Mexico City facilities—served 95 services, three a day. It even already has plans to expand into the center and west of the capital.

To serve this market niche, J. García López Funeral purchased a special pet furnace in which they invested $110,000. This he got in Tampa, Florida. The cost of performing the basic funeral service is 4800 pesos.

Currently, their services are only available in Mexico City and include:

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