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When I got COVID, I spit in Kleenex Antiviral Facial Tissue. There was a strange taste in my mouth when I did this, but I reverted it back to the state of my taste buds, which comes with illness.

Then I spilled cat food on my feet and the Kleenex got wet and turned a strange shade of blue. Now I was getting anxious, so I had others in the house checking the bait and viola, I wasn’t the only one who tasted this strange, bitter taste.

Meanwhile I wiped my eyes because they were crying and starting to burn and shut up. My skin broke out in this strange rash. I ran out of toilet paper because I was in quarantine so I used Kleenex tissues to wipe and burn myself.

I was now very worried and had a series of questions, so Kimberly Clark wrote the owners of this product. To their credit they immediately returned me. I missed their call, so I called them the number I received, asked to appoint a senior representative, and gave them the reference number. The representative I received was arrogant and rude, but could not answer my questions. When I asked to speak to someone who could answer my questions I was told not today. I hung up because I was calling.

I told them I was going to write this article, because the audience needed to know what was going on. I went to the Kleenex website and learned about the ingredients in this product including: citric acid 7.51%, sodium lauryl sulfate 2.02%, and 90.47% Other ingredients not mentioned.

In the comments here is what I found:

He was crying and went to use a tissue to remove the red bulge. Burns like crazy!

The following is just my experience, I developed a case of severe dermatitis due to wearing a mask, which is so bad that my face literally peeled off. Several times in the last year. So, this is just a precaution for anyone with sensitive skin. I would recommend plain smooth or just aloe vera.

It probably contains methylisothiazoline or a similar preservative that I’m allergic to. It causes small bumps on my skin that can be painful

My daughter bought some from Costco and she brought me two boxes. I immediately started smelling a chemical and my heart started racing. When I walked by the napkins they were stronger so I smelled the box. bad idea! I felt the results right away and ran to get some Benadryl in my system. I grabbed the boxes and threw them in my garage. Then I ran to wash my arms, face, and hands. Then I had to open my windows to ventilate my house which still smells inside. Then I warned my daughter to throw them away ASAP. I’m a huge fan of Kleenex but I can only use the regular regular version (nothing added). Please don’t throw away regular Kleenex because every other maker is adding scrap to their wipes. This surprised us all to say the least. I hope you read this before buying so that you are prepared if you start to get into anaphylaxis.

In the Q&A section here is what I found.

Are these safe to use on children if they are wet? This facial tissue has been tested on the nose only, so we do not suggest using it anywhere else. I hope this helps you!

Are Kleenex facial tissues breakable? Our facial tissues are unbreakable. thank you.

What inactive ingredients make up 97% of the components of Kleenex Antiviral tissues. A lot of customers are reported to have irritation. Is this dangerous if swallowed by children or pets? Thanks for reaching out to us. The active ingredients in these tissues that give them their antiviral properties are citric acid and sodium laureth sulfate. Other ingredients in these tissues are wood pulp, water, and conditioners. They are safe to use on healthy skin, but should not be ingested. Hope this helps.

What chemical do you add to make it antiviral? No answer! They lead you here where The answer is citric acid 7.51%, sodium lauryl sulfate 2.02% and 90.47% Other ingredients not mentioned.

I don’t usually go to websites to create products to see how a product can hurt me. Now I wish I had.

There are no warnings about what this product can and cannot do and for those of us who have used Kleenex our whole lives we have been raised believing this product is safe. I don’t think so and I can’t get answers. If you have used this product and had problems, please email me at and tell me your story.

Until then, be safe and I’ll keep you posted.

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