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Which dry food for cats is the best?

It’s natural to want your feline friend to get the best, but with so many dry cat foods on the market, it can be hard to sort out the quality options from the ones best avoided.

There is a lot to think about when choosing the right food for your cat, such as the protein content and quality of the protein sources, whether your cat needs a grain-free option and whether the food is appropriate for your cat’s age and activity level. Blue Buffalo’s Grain Free Protein Rich Cat Food is an excellent grain free option with a decent protein content.

What you need to know before buying dry cat food

Protein content and quality

The protein content of dry cat food should be at least 30%, but higher is better because cats stick to carnivores whose natural diet consists almost exclusively of meat. The protein in cat food should mostly come from meat and fish – meat meals are fine, but meat by-products are not ideal and neither are unlabeled meat products (eg, “meat meal” instead of “chicken meal”).


Cat foods should have vitamins and minerals added to ensure that they meet the nutritional needs of your feline friend. Although taurine is naturally present in meat, it is a good sign if it is also added to food, just to increase levels. Avoid cat foods that contain excessive amounts of fillers, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

grain free

Although “grain-free” is a buzzword about pet food these days, it can be beneficial for cats to eat a grain-free food. It’s not that grains are bad for cats, it’s just that their diet should be based on meat, so grains are simply not necessary. However, many grain-free foods simply use alternative starches, such as sweet potatoes or soybeans, which are no better for your cat than grains. So, instead of choosing dry, grain-free cat food, look for foods with as much meat as possible and as few fillers as possible.

What to look for in a quality dry cat food

life stage

Do you want the best dry food for kittens, adult cats or the elderly? Your cat’s age makes a difference in its nutritional needs, so choose a dry cat food that is appropriate for its current life stage.

activity level

The right food for your cat can depend on its activity levels. In general, domestic cats are less energetic than outdoor cats, so the best dry cat food for indoor cats will not be the same as the best dry cat food for outdoor cats. Some companies make cat food designed specifically for domestic cats, which is usually lower in calories to help prevent weight gain.

How much can you expect to spend on dry cat food

The price of dry cat food varies depending on the size of the package, so it is easy to compare the cost per pound. They can cost anywhere from $0.50 a pound for cheap cat food to $5 a pound for high-end cat food.

Questions and answers about dry food for cats

Is dry food good for cats?

a. Some people think that dry food is not good for cats and that they need wet food, but this is not true. Dry cat food is carefully balanced to meet the nutritional needs of cats. Many cats love the taste of their dry food and feed on it, but all cats are different.

Some owners find that their cats can maintain a healthy weight more easily on wet food than on dry food, while others find that their cats get tired of the same dry food and refuse to eat it. Take cues from your cat, but if she is happy to eat dry food and remains healthy, it is okay to feed her exclusively dry food.

Can you mix wet and dry cat food?

a. Wet food is more expensive and messier than dry food, but some cats find it more palatable and others rely on moisture from wet food to keep them hydrated because they don’t drink from their bowl. As such, you might be wondering if you can mix wet food and dry food together and the answer is yes, sure.

You can mix them together in one bowl, and feed them together or feed them separately at different times of the day. Just be sure to adjust portion sizes accordingly and keep an eye on your cat’s weight.

What is the best dry cat food to buy?

Put dry cat food

Blue Buffalo Grain Free High Protein Cat Food

What you need to know: This high quality cat food is grain free and suitable for indoor or outdoor cats.

What you will like: Containing 40% raw protein, it’s available in both chicken and salmon formulas, and it also contains taurine, antioxidants, and probiotics.

What you should consider: This cat food is expensive.

Where do I buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Best dry cat food for the money

Homemade cat food from Purina Cat Chow Naturals

Homemade cat food from Purina Cat Chow Naturals

What you need to know: Purina Cat Chow is an affordable cat food for indoor cats that the majority of cats seem to find palatable.

What you will like: There are no artificial flavors or preservatives. This cat food contains 34% raw protein and contains natural fibers to control hairball.

What you should consider: Corn is the second ingredient and has many fillings.

Where do I buy: Sold by Amazon, PetSmart, and Chewy

worth checking out

Hellscience cat food for adult cats indoors

Hellscience cat food for adult cats indoors

What you need to know: This chicken food recipe is designed for domestic cats from 1 to 6 years old.

What you will like: It has added antioxidants and amino acids and is designed for active kittens indoors. The fiber content promotes digestive health.

What you should consider: Contains unnecessary fillers such as cellulose and wheat.

Where do I buy: Sold by Amazon, PetSmart, and Chewy

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