Author Roy Nelson Shaulis’s new book “Cat Food for Jesus” is a children’s Christian book that reminds readers that God is always actually in control

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Roy Nelson Shawlis, a resident of the mountains of Pennsylvania, has completed his new book “Cat Food for Jesus”: a creative and thoughtful children’s story that reminds readers of God’s power to strengthen the faith of those who are open to listening. The story also focuses on the importance of helping others.

When a neighbor loses her cat while trying to find her a new home, the cat ends up in a very unexpected place.

Author Roy Nelson Shawlis wrote, “So that’s what my wife calls the ‘helpile moment.'” I know I have a long rope in the shed; I’d never do anything in my life.But I’m being mocked by a kitten and a little girl begged me,so I wasn’t thinking normally.I threw the rope up as high as I could.The kitten got over and wrapped around the top of the tree.I pulled to try to loose the rope,but the tree bent and I I pull on it. The more I pull, the more I bend it. Well, maybe I can pull on it just enough so Emma can reach the kitten. So I pulled with all my might. However, the tree didn’t bend enough. But “Moments of the Hills” did not cease to amaze me. I decided to tow my car, tied the end of the rope to the shocks, and then pulled the tree down.”

Published by Page Publishing, Roy Nelson Shawlis’ Witching Story inspires readers to remember that God is always in control of every event in their lives.

Readers who want to try this original work can purchase “Cat Food for Jesus” from bookstores everywhere, or online from the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or informational inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708.

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