Artist offers free pet portraits for families who lost pets during Marshall Fire

NORTHGLENN, Colorado – Thousands of people were suddenly evacuated Thursday as the Marshall Fire destroyed an estimated 991 buildings. Another layer of fire damage comes in the form of families who lost their pets in the chaos of the day.

Angela Hacker is a veterinary technician who knows how important pets are to people.

“I don’t know where I would be without my pets. I suffer from severe depression… my cats, my dogs, they keep me going. They are the reason I get out of bed. I became a vet because the animals did so much for me that I wanted to give them back somehow,” he said. Hacker.

Hacker is also an artist who makes portraits of pets. When she saw the devastation caused by the fires in Boulder County, she knew she had to help.

“I was going to make a photo of them if they lost a pet in the fire,” Hacker told Denver7, saying those photos would be free.

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Hacker posted a Facebook post about the idea, and was shocked by the amount of positive support it has received. She hoped her presentation would not seem insignificant in the face of the trauma suffered by hundreds of families.

“It’s not going to bring anybody back. It’s not going to fix everything. But, I was hoping that, going forward for them, was a symbol they knew somebody cared about, and they weren’t dealing with this themselves,” Hacker explained.

If you would like to request a pet portrait from a Hacker, contact and we will connect you.

Lost pets can be reported to the Humane Society of the Boulder Valley at this link. Those with a humane community said they were constantly updating their lost and found pages on the Internet.

The Humane Society of the Boulder Valley also said that it does not currently need food and supplies for pets. However, if anyone affected by the fires needs food or pet supplies, they can visit the Humane Society at 2323 55th Street in Boulder.

The best way to help the Humane Society of Boulder Valley right now is to donate to the Emergency Safety Net Fund.

In addition, there are groups on Facebook where members can share photos of their lost pets and the last known sites, such as Colorado Lost & Found Pets or Boulder, CO – Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets.


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