Aquatic Industry: SFBB President Andy Schmidt Passes Away at 68

The San Francisco Bay Brand (SFBB) released the following statement:

Andy (Andreas) Schmidt, president of the San Francisco Bay Brand Company, died on December 30, 2021 at his home in Russia. He will be greatly missed as the president of the San Francisco Bay label, friend, mentor, husband and brother.

Born on October 9, 1953, Andy was very passionate about the aquarium community and aquaculture and took over the San Francisco Bay brand, which his father Anton started over 50 years ago. He developed it into the leading retail brand serving the aquatic hobby. As many know, Andy was a perfectionist who wanted to make the best product, run the best company, and be the best person he could be.

Anton Schmidt and his family immigrated from Germany to the United States in 1955. After being trained as a tool and mold maker, Anton found work at a small company in Los Altos, California, repairing aquariums. Schmidt and his wife, Martha, worked there for two years before opening their own aquarium manufacturing company in 1957 under the name Schmidt’s Aquarium (which became part of Metaframe), before purchasing the San Francisco Bay Branding Division from Mattel.

By the late 1970s, Andreas operated SFBB facilities in San Diego, Salt Lake and the Salton Sea, which supported the research and harvesting of the aquaculture business.

In the early 1980s, he initiated research projects to develop several appropriate forms of naturally formulated, highly nutritious diets to meet the specific nutritional needs of fish.

Andy Schmidt, Anton Schmidt and Ralph C. Hagen at the trade showAndreas became president of San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc. In 1992, he continued his leadership in serving the pet and aquaculture industries. He was responsible for introducing frozen fish food cubes into the United States as a standard in 1994. From 1999 to 2003, he served as President of the World Pet Supply Association and Pet Care Association.

In 1999 Andreas opened his first factory in China in Tianjin, and in 2004 he set out to build a new one, along with SFBB biologist Stephen Gertz. This has allowed SFBB to implement its high standards in processing and quality control. This makes SFBB the only US producer of frozen fish food to own and operate a factory in China.

Andy is survived by his brother Tony, his wife Yana, and his stepchildren Dave and Boris. Andy’s funeral was held on December 31, 2021, and he was buried near his home in Russia.

The San Francisco Bay Brand will move forward using the high standards and quality products that Andy has dedicated his life to creating.

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