Apple Tagging Becoming A Problem in Amarillo

The technology is great. We know that. It’s even better when it works the way it’s supposed to. The bad is when technology ends up in the wrong hands. When the bad guys find ways to use this technology to help them.

Apple hashtags, do you know what this is? I mean it’s a great item. You were supposed to put one of these little tags on items like your keys, your pets, and something you’re missing and need to find.

This is Apple Airtag. This one is in a keychain. Imagine how small it is without the wrapping around it.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

We all have that friend who’s lost their keys the whole time. right? You can unlock your phone and help you locate them. What could be bad about that? When people start using this device to track people without their knowledge.

I went to visit my daughter in Dallas in November and got a notification that she had a tracking device with her. Fortunately, Apple will notify you after a certain time. The problem is that these are too small to fit anywhere. So when we got the notice, we researched everything around. She looked all over her car. We never found a device

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

This Appple Airtag was near my daughter for over twelve hours before we got a notification. We were so scared that she called the police. They told her other places to check out. They also told her to keep an eye on her phone. This could be a lucky event since she lives in an apartment and the sign could be next door. So we did as advised.

It says you can play a sound to help locate the device. It wasn’t helpful. It also provides instructions on how to deactivate Airtag. The only problem is that you have to have the device on hand to do this. So if you can’t find it, you are in luck.

I recently saw a friend of mine in Amarillo who had the same problem with her daughter.

Apple tags…..everyone beware….

To Jack *** who flagged Reagan’s car… The police have been notified and a detective is handling this investigation.

You should be warned that she has a family that includes a father, two brothers and a lot of uncles, and you don’t know which of them might be driving her car. We’ll make sure to track you down… can, and you’ll be found.

Credit: Michael Errington

As a mother, this scares me to the end. Apple really needs to figure out a way to preserve this technology while making it safer to not track people. I just think of the crazy exes out there. The toxic people in our lives who don’t need to know where we are. This needs to know.

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