Animal Shelter Overwhelmed After Rescuing 42 Cats From One Home: ‘I Started to Cry’

An animal shelter offers a discount on cat adoptions, and cat rescue mode has become a huge task.

The Evanston Animal Shelter in Evanston, Illinois, is trying to re-house 35 cats rescued from a house that burned in a fire in August of this year.

The shelter had received a call from the police who asked them to come and pick up “six or eight” cats. The shelter said in a statement on its website that when they arrived at the scene, the situation turned out to be “a mission unlike anything we’ve seen before.”

Over the course of four days, employees in special suits and masks pulled a total of 42 cats from the building. The shelter’s manager, Nancy Mays, described the home as a chunky home in an interview with Fox 32 Chicago.

Turning the moment the cats were found, she told the news station, “I stood there for a minute and I saw all these faces looking at me, and I started crying for a minute, and I turned around and said ‘Okay, this is so different from anything we’ve ever dealt with.'”

Of the 42 cats taken out, seven were transferred to other groups and 35 remained in the care of the Evanston Animal Shelter.

Then the shelter set out to treat the cats’ health. Over the following weeks and months, the cats were taken to the vets, vaccinated, micro-sectioned, spayed, spayed, treated for eye and dental problems, and more.

She even rented out a storefront to allow the cats more space to stay together in a cage-free area. “Our mission has become to help them heal from the multiple traumas they have experienced,” the shelter says in a statement.

Overall, the shelter rescue has cost $25,000 so far, thanks in part to necessities like cat food — 300 cans a week — and many pounds of cat litter, Fox 32 Chicago reports.

Now, it is understood that the shelter is offering a $150 discount for two cats because the animals love to be together. All cats were given names inspired by ice cream.

“Some have ongoing medical needs, some are especially shy and will need a little help getting comfortable in a new home, but they are all cute and cuddly,” the shelter says.

People interested in adoption can take part in a survey on the shelter’s website at, and people can also choose to be adopted.

This is not the first time that a large number of animals have been saved at once.

Last month, an animal shelter in Atlanta issued a plea for support after it took in 41 cats when they were rescued from the back of a U-Haul truck.

Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters captured the kittens, and rescued them from euthanasia, after animal control officers contacted them.

The shelter then issued a call for help with donations as well as cat adoption offers.

And recently, a video of a cat’s road to recovery after being caught by a new owner proved popular on TikTok.

A stock image shows a cat eating from a bowl. Dozens of felines were rescued at once by an animal shelter in Illinois this summer.

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