Animal lovers can take the Betty White Challenge on January 17

Belmont County, Ohio (WTRF)

It’s a simple idea.

Everyone is challenged to donate $5 to their favorite animal rescue organization on January 17thy– This could have been the 100th movie of the late actress Betty Whitey birthday.

Here’s a closer look at two of those organizations in Belmont County – the Belmont County Animal Shelter and the Belmont County Humane Society.

The animal shelter is operated by the county.

Covers major health essentials such as shots and spaying/neutering.

But animals often have more complex health needs.

“Allergy medications, antibiotics, these are all additional costs,” Warden dog Lisa Williams said. “We have a lot of dogs with Lyme disease. We test it and treat it. They have to take antibiotics for a whole month, just like humans. So all this extra stuff is expensive. We have dogs with dry eyes. We have dogs with tumors.”

So all Betty White donations received by the animal shelter will be used for veterinary care.

One person has already made a donation of $50.

“She was adamant that this go to the shelter in memory of Betty White because she was an animal lover,” Williams noted.

The Belmont County Humane Society saves and resettles cats.

Now they have 85 cats.

Director Angela Hatfield runs a merchandise store, Fur Pets’ Sake, which supports the Humane Society.

Prepared and ready to receive donations in honor of my home.

“On our Facebook page, we have a place there where you can donate,” said Angela Hatfield, the Humane Society’s executive director. “It’s a GoFundMe we created for her 17th birthdayy. And then, if you want to leave a few things behind — cat litter, cat food, blankets, whatever we need — you can stop at Fur Pets’ Sake in St. Clairsville at 111 S. Marietta Street, and we would also be happy to receive your donation.”

I heard from a group that will be visiting the Humane Society on Betty White’s birthday.

“They called yesterday and are coming out to donate but also to spend time with all the animals because after all that is what they need most,” Hatfield said. “They need human companionship and petting and brushing and those kinds of activities.”

They all say this is the perfect way to honor someone who is very loyal to a rescue.

“This is a really good way to commemorate Betty White and her love for animals,” Williams concluded.

To donate to the Humane Society, you may mail a check to the Belmont County Humane Society, 67039 S. Almar Lane, St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950.

To donate to the animal shelter, you can send a check to Belmont County Animal Shelter, 45244 National Road West, St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950.

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