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Knowledgeable veterinarians, taking into account the needs, ages and lifestyles of their clients, as well as breeds and sizes of dogs and puppies, can advise on this issue of spaying and neutering. There is no one-size-fits-all protocol.

Dear Dr. Fox: My 14 year old Tinky cat is eating well, but she is bloated and seems constipated. It is a very healthy cat in general. She only eats wet and dry food, and she is not an outdoor cat. For bloating, what do you recommend? I’m not really comfortable with the vets in my area. – Kuala Lumpur, West Palm Beach, Florida

Dear Kuala Lumpur: Cat bloating can be caused by several factors. Often times, eliminating any cat food that contains soy or corn works well to relieve bloating. In other cases, there may be chronic constipation, especially in older, less active cats which may be slowed down by arthritis and/or obesity. Some develop “megacolon,” which is an enlarged lower intestine that does not contract well to facilitate evacuation. Severe bloating accompanied by pain is also seen in cases of irritable or inflammatory bowel disease, and in cats with bowel cancer.

So you need to do some detective work, and the cat needs to be examined by a vet. I regret that you are not comfortable with those in your area; Perhaps a neighbor who owns cats can recommend one to you.


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