Adopting a Pet Over the Holidays

sausage! Although time has froze since last year, the holiday season is approaching. It’s already a popular time to adopt a pet, but tackling the epidemic, and local humane societies are busier than ever! Because of COVID-19, applicants may face delays in the adoption process, said Shelley Janke, executive director of the Eau Claire County Humane Association. “We’ve been struggling to keep up with demand,” Janke shared. “More people want animals because more people are working from home now.” However, it is still important to save time by filling out your application in advance to meet the animals.

“The holidays are a very fun and festive time, but all the fuss can be scary and exhausting.” — Lisa Drinkahn, Humane Society of Dunne County

Plus, Lisa Drinkahn—a volunteer and event coordinator for the Den County Humane Society—said that your furry friends need time to adjust to their surroundings. “The holidays are a very fun and festive time, but all the turmoil can be frightening and exhausting,” said Drenkahn. When it comes to pampering your pets and making them comfortable, the options are endless. Drenckhahn suggested going to the dog park or taking your four-legged friend for a walk, and Janke recommended cleaning up your pets or picking up interactive toys for cats and dogs.

Jim Rayman, owner of the Tropic Waters Pet Center in Eau Claire, echoed that sentiment, adding that interactive toys are great for other pets, too. “We have all kinds of bird toys; they’re really interactive and fun,” Riemann said. “Also, we have toys for the bunnies, and the wheel or hamster ball is great for hamsters.” In addition to the games, Tropic Waters has plenty of fun foods—from holiday cakes for the little ones to food They want that social interaction, however, Riemann emphasized that spending time with your pets is the best gift ever.

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