‘A transformational event in our history…’ Roquette unveils ‘world’s largest pea protein plant’

While pea protein still lags behind soybeans, capacity has expanded rapidly over the past two years, with Boris He recently opened a large factory in Dawson, MinnesotaAndIngredion recently opened a facility in Nebraska; ADM building a plant in North Dakota; Cosucra builds new plant in Denmark and expands production in Belgium; And many Chinese manufacturers are expanding their capacity.

The new 200,000-square-foot Rocket plant – which is powered by hydroelectric power – has the capacity to process 125,000 tons of yellow peas annually, said CEO Pierre Cordero, sourced from local producers, and makes pea protein isolates with 85%+ purity. He said the opening wasA transformative event in our history and a boost to the global plant food sector. “

At a star-studded virtual party hosted by astronaut Chris Hadfield (who entertained viewers with David Boyce’s translation of Space Oddity on his guitar) guest featured by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown said Roquette has been an important partner beyond meat on over many years.

“in a Beyond meat we always talk about three things. Let’s have a taste that is indistinguishable from animal protein, becauseThey have communicated the health message to consumers, and let’s bring the price of animal protein below the price of animal protein over time. All three of those things are doable, and they can be implemented through partnerships like the ones we enjoy with Roquette.”

he added: “We use 93% less land to produce the same amount of burgers than you would if you were running these crops through an animal. So we have the opportunity to achieve great efficiency in farming and help farmers make more money, as well as free up land to be stewards of the land. the climate “.


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