A Cat Steps in as the T-Rex in This JURASSIC PARK Parody

Everyone who owns a cat knows that cats always think they are the star of the show. And in the past few years, a cat owner has gained fame and a following by making their beloved pet cat Lizzie the “star” of several famous movies. And like any big movie star with her salt, Lizzy has a stage name. On YouTube, you go by OwlKitty. And the latest OwlKitty might be her best yet: It’s a Jurassic Park cat.

In this new video we discovered via Boeing Boeing, they introduced OwlKitty in the first scene of Tyrannosaurus rex Jurassic Park. And you won’t stop at nothing until you get the cans of cat food that the humans stashed in that jeep. You can watch OwlKitty bully Dr. Grant and Tim Wilkes here:

This latest video is a return to where it all began for OwlKitty. Her first video went viral a Jurassic Park Scene. Just then, OwlKitty stepped into the role of Bird of Prey. Since then, she has appeared in popular films such as Raiders of the Lost AstronomyAnd star WarsAnd Avengers: EndgameAnd the king lionAnd the Lord of the Rings, and tons more. Probably one of the best parodies featuring OwlKitty as the shark in jaws. or, in this case, tentacles;

It’s not just the famous movies in which OwlKitty stars. It has also conquered the world of television. join The Mandalorian On a mission in one video, she’s standing with the cast friends. Like all three dragons, it performs triple tasks game of Thrones. OwlKitty even appears in Madonna’s popular music video for “Vogue.”

A cat is inserted into a T-Rex scene from Jurassic Park.

In a behind-the-scenes video, owner Lizzy explains how the entire “DIY” process of OwlKitty is done. His gear is, he says, “just a completely wrinkled, folded green screen. And an iPhone mounted on a tripod.” Well, with just that stuff, and one adorable cat, OwlKitty’s channel has over 1.15 million subscribers. Never underestimate the power of an adorable cat.

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