12 Simpsons Characters That Make Me Laugh (Almost) As Much As Bart And Homer Do

I am old. Do you want to know how old I am? So old, I could say, ‘I was there, man’ when The Simpsons He debuted in 1989 with “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”. Since then, through the good and bad seasons, she’s been with the family for the past 31 years. In that period, I can tell you that Homer and Bart definitely had the best storylines in the series, but this article is not about Homer or Bart (or any of the Simpsons for that matter). No, this article is about all the other residents of Springfield, as the funniest Simpsons Characters don’t necessarily have to have Simpson in the last name.

For intelligence, similar to how Baltimore can be considered the main character of the wire, I guess one could argue that Springfield City is indeed the main character in The Simpsons. Yes, early on, most of the stories centered around The Simpsons. But after 31 years on the air, the writers had to get creative, and we now have full episodes dedicated to other Springfield natives.

But of all those characters, who are the funniest? Well, you are about to find out. Oh, and so I’m not stepping on any fingers, I’m not arranging the characters. You will only have to determine the best on your own. I will also say what the best character episode is, in my humble opinion. looks good? OK! Then up and in ’em!

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Mr. Burns (Best Episode, “A Star Is Burns”, Season 6, Episode 18)

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